Frontiers in Physical Limnology

Our lab has a keen interest in under ice physical processes. We are helping pioneer the use of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) to study fluid mechanics under lake ice, sea ice, icebergs, ice islands and glacier tongue. We have field sites that span from the high-Arctic to Antarctica.

Under-ice processes

  • Mixing due to salt exclusion
  • Solar driven convection under ice

Turnover in brackish water bodies

  • Suppression of spring turnover
  • Enhancement of fall turnover due to evaporation

Importance of spectral variation of attenuation coefficient on lake heating

For an example of some of our work please explore these links:

Icebergs 2011
Antarctica 2010: Glacier tongues and ocean mixing
Ellesmere Island: ice shelves, glacier tongues and epishelf lakes

Large pancake ice forming in Lancaster Sound (Credit: A. Hamilton)

Petermann Ice Island PII-Ba in Lancaster Sound © A. Hamilton

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